PWR Wireless offers services services from Turnkey hiring and managing our install partners to various services that cover Pre-Installation, Post Installation and Existing Systems.

Pre-Installation Services examine the requirements and deficiencies prior to recommending a coverage solution.

Post- Installation Services measures the performance of the engineered solution and compares it to metrics taken prior to installation and commissioning of the solution.

Services for Existing solutions are used to test the performance of an Existing solution whether it was provided by PWR Wireless or not.  In some cases, these services are required by the AHJ or a Wireless Service Provider [WSP] AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

In the case of all services, a written report is provided to our customers and well as a face to face debriefing explained in non-technical language.

Services are listed below. Please contact your PWR Wireless Sales representative for scheduling or more information:

  • CW Testing – Active transmitters of a specific band are used and their receive levels recorded.
    • Used to verify wall materials and ceiling types.
    • Used to test partially completed installations for typical performance.
  • Cellular or Public Safety Initial Coverage Assessment – Required by Carriers as well as AHJ
  • Distributed Antenna System and Small Cell Design – Following WSP and AHJ guidelines
  • Distributed Antenna System and Small Cell Designs in AutoCAD format if requested.
  • Commissioning and Integration Services
  • Post – Install System Verification Testing – Required immediately after installation and sometimes required on a semi-annual basis by AHJ.
  • Cable PIM Testing

Partial List of Completed Projects

  • Stadiums & Arenas
    • Mississippi State’s Davis Stadium
    • Sioux Falls Arena
    • Indiana State Fair Coliseum
  • Public Transportation Venues
    • DFW Airport Public Safety
    • MBTA Subway Boston, MA
  • 635 Expressway recessed road way

Public Safety Design/ Commission/ Optimize

  • Public Safety
    • Washington DC Department of Corrections
    • Hood Hospital - TX
    • Monmouth County Courthouse and Jail
    • Quantico Marine Corps Museum
    • DFW Airport
    • LBJ Express – I-635
    • Williamson County Courthouse and Jail
  • Neutral Host Venues
    • 9/11 Memorial, NYC
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
    • Durst Organization –Manhattan, NY
    • KDC Development, Lincoln Square Development and Mall
    • Amazon Downtown Campus, Seattle
    • Oregon Health and Science University Hospital
    • L3 Communications, Salt Lake City, UT
    • Trump Towers - Manhattan NY
  • Field Services
    • Texas Motor Speedway – PIM testing
    • Citgo Refinery BDA DAS Install
    • Samsung Small Cell Turnkey Services

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