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PWR Wireless has the expertise and experience to get your Distributed Antenna System on-air and in compliance with the latest manufacturer and wireless service provider standards.


The DAS and Small Cell industry can be difficult waters to navigate. PWR Wireless has extensive experience in guiding enterprise clients towards their DAS needs. From creating RFP's that line up with the latest industry standards to working with Wireless Service Providers to ensure participation, PWR Wireless can help.

We offer:
Benchmark Data Collection | CW Testing | DAS and Small Cell Design | System Verification Testing | Commissioning and Integration


With our deep expertise in Cellular and Public Safety coverage solutions, we can work with you to bid and win requirements that you would ordinarily not bid on due to lack of knowledge. A large majority of these solutions utilize structured cable that your company is already installing. In addition, most of the hardware is located in the same telecom closets where these runs terminate. With few exceptions, the cable pathways are the same.

As an example, if your company is installing Category, fiber optic cable and switches; many cellular and public safety coverage solution terminate into a switch or some kind of patch panel. No additional skill set is required. Installing these solutions can be done in parallel to your initial scopes.

PWR Wireless will provide all the technical services as well as project management while as your subcontractor. We will provide any necessary termination tools, test equipment, and training.

If you are working on a project and there is an additional Division 27 or 28 requirement, please contact PWR Wireless so that you can add additional scope and more importantly revenue.

PWR Wireless, LLC was established in October 2013 by owner and operator, Mr. Paul Rice.  Mr. Rice has over 20 years’ experience in the wireless industry designing and installation complex systems for some of the most demanding projects and high-profile clients nation-wide.  Below is a brief summary of the services and capabilities of PWR Wireless.

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